Nice to meet you :)

My name is Eden Zrihen, I'm 31 years old, and design is a key part of my day-to-day life. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, combining it with theoretical ideas from books, courses, and lectures. I work tirelessly to achieve the most professional outcome possible.

I was born and raised in Beer Sheva, and I moved to Tel Aviv two years ago to give a boost to my career. Since I moved here, I’ve started working as a freelance designer with Hitech companies, what increases my self-confidence and gave me a proof so I'm able to do that.

In my spare time, I love playing the piano, drawing with pencils, cooking and sometimes even taking risks with baking(!). I didn't know at all how to swim for 27 years, but today, I swim a few kilometers per week and it became my best hobby!

My friends say I talk continuously, so I took this short `about section` as a challenge - I hope you think I proved them wrong

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Whether you're a company in need of my freelance services, or you're expanding your UX/UI team, I'd love to hear from you. Everything starts from a conversation, so let's grab a coffee.