Space is a system for customer portfolio management, owned by “Elifim” Insurance Agency. The space system has 450 users who are, in fact, the insurance agents who work within the company.



Elifim Insurance Agent


Insurance, CRM, Mobile & website


Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

Project Summary

Elifim Space is a world of content owned by Elifim, which allows the insurance agents who work there to conduct themselves in front of proceedings in their area and make their cases through it. The big part of the Space system is care management, which is also the company's flagship product, and is a competitor to other companies and products that are accepted in the insurance agents market in the country. The Space system was established in 2016 by programmers, without orderly design processes, and now the company's concern to innovate and innovate its product.

My Role

My job was to redesign the UI system, and adjust it to mobile view. I had to take the existing design of space (which is without a design adapted for a mobile phone), that was developed and designed by the team of programmers, without high-level UX processes, and without UI processes at all, and bring it into life, into an organized, pleasant, and shiny look. I also required several UX changes in a few flows along with the system.

The Challenge

The main challenge was time. The time allotted to me for the whole project was around two months, because the client was terribly stressed to start running the new design. I faced two more major challenges:
1. Design 20 pages of the system and adjust them for a mobile display
2. Rebranding for Space, which included a new logo and ads designs. I was required to combine the ads within the system itself.

The Solution

User research
User Personas
Design Infrastructure
Branding & Marketing
UI Design \ Result

User research

Selected Screens
I was not so able to have meetings with the company’s employees, so what I did was have in-depth conversations about the product with the product manager, with whom I worked closely. She served as a potential user, a kind of “representative sample” of all system users, because she knows how to operate it completely. In addition, in the past year, the product manager has left a feedback box for system users, in favor of improving the user experience. I used the information that was gathered, in favor of redesigning the system

Running the System
As a starter, I spent a few hours running the system to understand its behavior. My main focus was trying to understand how elements in the system react, like tables, fill fields, etc. After looking at the system and feeling that I understood it, I started working. Throughout the design of the screens, I worked in parallel with the system itself to understand the page and its actions in depth.

Work time

Design Infrastructure

Selected Screens
The choice of design screens was made by the product manager, and these were screens that she thought were the most fitting for a redesign. The instruction I could give her from my professional position about choosing the right screens, was to choose the screens with the most diverse number of components, so that the programming team would have a “toolbox” for implementing the design line on the rest of the system. Several screens from the old system:

Component Design & Design System
I found it appropriate that the best way to start the work, was to scan the screens I received for the design through which I could assemble the required design system. So I laid out all the components for redesigning the system, like tables, fill fields, pop-ups, etc...

Brand and Marketing Design

At this point, I started working on two other tasks:
1. Redesigning of the logo
2. Designing advertising ads and proper planning of design, so that they can integrate into it properly.

Logo Design

Old version logo

New Versions to choose

Chosen Version

Banners Design

UI Design \ Result

After I created a good enough foundation for the job, like the design system and knowledge of using the system, I started designing the screens themselves. Most of the work on the screens was concluded with a redesigned UI, and several UX changes that were reflected in the design of the page’s structures and the interactions within it.

Login Page

Generator of Car Policies Prices

One of the main difficulties I experienced in redesigning the pages, was the fact that I “got in the middle” and did not start from scratch. When I started to make changes many times, I feared I still did not know the system in depth, which made it difficult for me and limited my freedom of action at work. In those moments, I made sure to stay as simple as possible, as it is better to simply have no essential change, than a change that creates problems and shortcomings.

Another big difficulty was, of course, adjusting the screens to the mobile display. Such an adaption requires serious thinking and a column on how to take tables with a huge number of columns, information, and internal operations in them, and cast them into a mobile screen. I have faced this challenge with guides and articles, that showed me how to wisely make designs for this kind of table.

Insurance Policies Generator

Client Management Documents System

Summary & Conclusions

Space is the first complex system I had to design. Accordingly, I made quite a few mistakes in the design process, but I learned even more from it.  The way to approach a complex project like this, can never happen in the reckless way we worked in, and without a larger team. On the other hand, the client understood all of the limitations and restraints he demanded of me, and for him the project was defined as a success.

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